Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Incredible TV Building in Warsaw

Well, after years of passing the Polish TV building (near the Wierzbno metro station) in Warsaw, I finally got off the tram to have a look at it in greater detail:

The reason why I'd never photographed this great building before is that I'd always forgotten my small camera with the zoom, but, at last, I remembered it, and wasn't disappointed.

Not sure what the figure below is supposed to symbolise, but I guess that it adds something to the general mystique of the building:

Yes, for me, this building is something like a magnificent, big, shiny (but dark) glass castle:

While at other times, the building reminds me of a ship, as in the picture above, or a kind of helter skelter ride as in the picture below:

Finally, I've heard some people say that such a public building shouldn't be so lavish, probably at the taxpayers' expense, but, for me, sometimes you've just got to hold your hand up and acknowledge 'Art for Art's Sake'

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